Ganir -tech . offers several solutions to help you manage your excess inventory levels. These services are flexible and configurable to meet your specific needs. Through our programs we are able to provide solutions to our clients while achieving the highest return on their investments.


Our Consignment service offers the best economic solution. We manage the entire process from scheduling delivery of your parts to our facility in Industry, CA to providing detailed monthly sales report with payments for product sold. From the day your parts arrive in our warehouse we make sure that they receive high visibility in order to capture the best market value. We manage your inventory in our state of the art warehouse and are able to provide you with an accurate report of what is remaining in your inventory at any given time. We can also provide you with buy out totals if you choose to cash out. Best of all, since this is still your inventory, if there is an item that you have consigned and you realize that you actually need, we can pull the item from inventory and overnight it to you. We offer all consignment services at no cost to you.

Lot Acquisition and Liquidation

Quest has the financial ability to purchase out right all your companys' electronic component excess no matter the lot size. This service offers you the quickest solution to move excess materials off of your books. Once we receive your part listing, we can provide a bid within 2 business days. Eliminate your inventory carry costs by calling Quest today.

Individual Line Purchases

If you have only a few line items but in large volumes, Quest offers Individual Line item purchases. This service offers immediate quotes and the transaction can be completed in a couple of hours. Contact us today with your part listing and we can see if this is the best solution for your excess inventory.

Customer Specific Excess Requirements

No matter what size or value your inventory is, the customer has the final say on how you would like us to handle your excess materials. We will work with you on creative solutions to move your inventory.